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Staff and Email Directory

MATES Administration

Ms. Alison Carroll, Principal
Dr. John Wnek, Supervisor

MATES Guidance 

Ms. Ellen Dering (

Mr. Michael Natalewicz (

Ms. Kate Beacham (*
Ms. Julia Giglio-Stork (*

*On Family Leave Until Further Notice 

School Nurse/Health Official

Ms. Gail Meehan (

Main Office Support
Ms. Kathleen Wixted (

Ms. Jacqueline Lamazza (

Language Arts/Art
Ms. Mia Dill (
Ms. Melissa Hood (
Ms. Jennifer Hudak ( 
Ms. Maryann Minnier (


Mr. William Hegerich (
Mr. Chris Holland (
Ms. Patty Pachas-Araya (
Ms. Ruth Wolf (


Mathematics and Computer Science
Dr. Michael Bixler (
Ms. Michele Colon (
Mr. Paul Fennimore ( 
Mr. Gerald Luchs (

Ms. Viktoriya D'Agostino (VD'


Physical Education/Health
Mr. Brian Coen (
Ms. Melissa Galea (

Mr. Brian Jones (
Mr. Jason Kelsey (
Ms. Kelly Kelsey (
Mr. Adam Sprague (
Mr. Dave Werner (
Dr. Amy Williams (
Dr. John Wnek (

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