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PTSO Meeting Tuesday November 14, 2023
Pie Pick up at MATES after school and from 2 -4 PM on November 20, 2023

2023-2024 PTSO MEETING SCHEDULE (in-person at MATES & Zoom)

  Tue 5/7/24 7:00 pm (*on 1st Tue this month)

The MATES PTSO is an active non-profit that supports student opportunities and research.  The PTSO is open to MATES all parents, students and teachers with monthly meetings, social functions, and fundraising efforts. 

Our MATES PTSO supports various activities throughout the school year including events, school functions and our research program.  Your support will help our MATES School to provide our students with opportunities that are unique and meet the mission of our school.

PTSO School Shop: Shop

The new PTSO Website (enter here). Thank you for supporting the MATES PTSO and all of our students! 

PTSO School Shop: Contact
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