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Our FAQs

Here are some common questions...

Where can I find the fall and spring semester schedules?

All schedules are on Realtime (Parent Portal) along with pertinent information.  Our school guidelines are also on Portal.  All students have school domain Gmail accounts that will be important to use top sign into individual classrooms.

What advanced courses does MATES offer?

MATES offers embedded college course with Stockton University and Ocean County College.  We offer some Advanced Placement courses; however the college embedded courses are actual college credit courses that provide students with a full college course experience.

How do you get into MATES?

MATES is a competitive program offered through the Ocean County Vocational Technical School (OCVTS) that accepts applications from eighth grade students who are considered residents of Ocean County.  There are three information sessions in the fall and all inquiries about MATES are handled through our OCVTS admissions office only.

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