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MATES Outreach & Summer Experience


MATES offers Winter Outreach Programs through our Project Terrapin initiative with STEM topics including Environmental Science, Robotics and Wildlife Conservation. We also have been offering our STEM Summer Experience Program since 1997.   

Register for our 2024 Winter Outreach Program for middle school students

See below about the 2024 Summer Experience! 

Winter Outreach

Winter Outreach is designated  for middle school and MATES Class of 2027 students! 


Our 2024 Winter Outreach flyer is available below...

Project Terrapin Outreach Flyer_2024.png

STEM Summer Experience

Project Terrapin.jpg

Week 1 

Barnegat Bay and Climate Change

Week 1 focuses on the local environment including hands on topics specific to Climate Change and effects on our local natural resources

Week 3 


Week 3 is our "turtle" day with activities focused on our Project Terrapin conservation initiatives.  It is "turtley the best day ever"!


Local Environment

Our STEM Summer Experience is a hands-on way to experience the local environment.  Our slogan, "Barnegat Bay is our classroom" is emphasized throughout the one week (four days) of the program. We are in the field daily visiting local parks, beaches and on local waterways. 

Please look for next year's MATES STEM Summer Experience information! 

Week 2


Week 2 focuses on a Robotics theme that includes a hands-on, problem-solving activity coordinated by our MATES Robotic Team. 

Winter Outreach Specifics

Q & A 

Our Outreach Programs run three Mondays each month of January, February and March from 4:30 - 6 PM January and March are at the MATES School. February will be at the Save Barnegat Bay Eco Center in Toms River, NJ 

More 2024 Summer STEM Specifics...

Dates and Times

We plan to offer the Summer Experience to rising 8th and 9th grade students.  We welcome our new Class of 2028 students! The following are our 2024 summer dates:  July 15 - 18 (MATES Research Week Only for MATES students)
July 22 - 25 (STEM Field Experience)

July 29 - Aug. 1 (STEM Field Exp.)

Aug 5 - 8  (STEM Field Experience)

Here is our 2024 brochure with registration details 


Our Summer Experience is open to current MATES freshmen, incoming MATES freshmen and rising 8th and 9th grade students for the fall 2024. 


The 2024 STEM program will be hands-on with daily field  experiences. 


Please see our 2024 guide!

The 2023 program was a huge success thanks to the instructors, assistants, and participants who experienced field events each day!  Our partners provided invaluable support to give us field opportunities.  See the article that includes the 2022 STEM Summer Experience 

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