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MATES Research

First year MATES students must complete an independent research project to develop critical thinking skills.  MATES students have the option of continuing their research experiences beyond their first year based on their performance and their ability to improve their critical thinking skills.  Research is a key component at MATES with students completing both independent and team research projects. 
See Information about summer research assistance in the First Year Research Project  


Independent Research

MATES students share their research at various venues including local and regional science fairs, conferences and expositions. MATES is a member of the National Consortium of Specialized STEM Schools (NCSSS). Below are some links and resources.....

ISEF Forms

Jersey Shore Science Fair 

Delaware Valley Science Fairs

National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium 

New Jersey Junior Academy of Science 

National Consortium of Specialized STEM Schools

MATES Independent Research Google Classroom

MATES First Year Research Project (FRP)

Each year, incoming MATES students complete an independent research project that is presented in the 3rd Marking Period and is a part of the first semester science class.  MATES Research Assistance and Development (RAD) Team members assist the students in the process.  Information about the project can be found at the FRP Google Classroom and will be posted for freshmen in their Biology Classrooms.  Student can join the Classroom using their MATES domain email addresses. 


Our First Year Students MATES Research Expo was on February 28, 2024. Nice Job Everyone! Results below...


MATES FRP Abstract Guide List 



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